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KellyEllisKadee Cakes is the custom cake bakery started by Kelly Ellis of Cerritos, California. She designs all kids of specialty cakes for holidays, birthdays, weddings and any celebration you need. Kadee Cakes specializes in 3D cakes, Ellis’ designs range from a Louis Vuitton shaped bag and a Gucci shoebox cake filled with money to pink princess castles and cupcakes shaped like Christmas ornaments, hamburgers and thanksgiving scenes—including turkeys sitting at a table playing cards.

Opening a bakery has long been a dream for Ellis who runs her business, Kadee Cakes, online.

She saw a golden opportunity with the passage of The Cottage Food Operators Law, which allows people to legally sell items they bake and cook at home.

“As soon as that law passed I contacted the health department and someone came out to myKelly_Cedric home and inspected my kitchen. After they approved me, I went over to the city of Cerritos and got a business license.”

She launched her online store the same month. Ellis is pleasantly surprised to find herself much busier than she expected to be,  while maintaining her day job as a longshoreman.

“I’ve never really considered myself artistic throughout my life because I can’t draw very well and I can’t paint,” says Ellis, “but there is something about cake decorating that just comes so natural.”

Check out Kelly’s creations here on this website. You can also order her delicious brittles online as well!

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KadeeCakes is on a little well-deserved 'vacay'.

We'll be back to baking up some tasty sweets after August 15th.
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