Here is a list of Brittles that we offer at Kadee Cakes.

White chocolate dipped cashew brittle
Macadamia brittle
Walnut brittle
Peanut brittle
Almond brittle
Cashew brittle
Pecan brittle

Single order is 1 lb. = $12
Minimum order for Delivery is 3 lbs. Delivery charges may apply depending on the delivery address. Please inquire when ordering.

Order Online:
Once you are prompted to Checkout, be sure to add a note under the shipping address that says (Add special instructions to the seller) Click to add and let us know which flavor or flavors of brittle you want. Also, double check the address to make sure it

Choose an order size:

We also offer shipping.

Currently, we do not offer an online shipping option, but will in the future. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter to be one of the first to know.
We understand your passion for brittles! ♥

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Hey, everybody...
KadeeCakes is on a little well-deserved 'vacay'.

We'll be back to baking up some tasty sweets after August 15th.
Feel free to check out our gallery and send us an email for a custom cake.
Just know that we won't be responding until we are back in the kitchen -
refreshed and ready to go!

Thanks for understanding.
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